We are Team Horsthuis. Experts in Photo and video, and everything in between. From motion photos to photos in 3D and 360 degrees films. Top quality image with exactly the right atmosphere and emotion. Shot with the best equipment. That is what we aim at. That is what we do.

We think along with clients
Give us an idea and you will get five in return. A remarkable perspective. A just somewhat bolder image. A totally different – and at the same time perhaps also cool – concept. Whenever we get the opportunity to think along our wheels start spinning at full speed. We will bombard you with questions. We will be curious to know what atmosphere, what emotion you have in mind. What story the photograph or video is supposed to tell. The goal you want to reach. That is when we get down to work.

We are versatile
We do not aim for one type of photograph or video. We would rather vary, be versatile. At one moment we work in our own studio, at another time on location. Sometimes we use a complete set, sometimes just the one camera and one model. Photographing wonderful dishes in the morning, shooting a movie in the afternoon? No problem. Anything is possible.

We work together
Team Horsthuis believe in the power of cooperation. With you and with our team of specialists, ranging from project manager to post processor. Any assignment will be dealt with not by just two, but rather four, six or eight hands. First heads together. And then all sleeves will be rolled up.

We do more

We are not there just for the ‘picture’. Also for all kinds of additional matters. For instance we take care of project management, make-up and styling. We scout locations as well as models and have our own sound studio. Moreover we can dispose of our own image database. Your pictures will be safely stored there. Need a picture? Download at the click of a button. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Ever so useful.


We are Team Horsthuis. Experts in photo and video, and everything in between.